Environmental Policy Statement | Pacific Coast 'Wax Tipped' Eco Bananas





An approved grower of the Pacific Coast Eco Bananas group.


A family owned and operated business that grows, harvests and packs ‘ecoganic’ friendly Cavendish bananas and other produce. Our goal is to be identified in the market place as a supplier of ecologically sound produce that has been grown within the framework of environmental management system ISO 14001. Our aim is to endorse continuous improvement of our farming practices in line with the protection and prevention of pollution, environmental concerns, sustainability and future profit.


The scope of our EMS program is inclusive of the production, harvesting, packaging and marketing of produce and recycling of products used on our farm.

The scope of the Environmental Management Program encompasses those farm activities over which the Manager can control, embrace or enhance an overall positive influence. These activities include:

  • Land and soil management including fertilizer, chemical, and trace element usage,
  • Water management (irrigation),
  • Biodiversity management, including pest and disease management,
  • Waste management,
  • Air/noise management,
  • Energy management,
  • Other areas such as Certification & Marketing

We are committed to the production of Cavendish bananas and other produce in systems based on Integrated Ecological Management (IEM).

The Ecoganic protocol is not about increased inputs for yield. This ecological farming system uses the natural resources of all invertebrates to achieve a sustainable farming system. This holistic system values plants, weeds, grasses, animals and insects, which provide Biodiversity and soil health.

Efficient Farming Operations with little impact on the community and environment: ·

  • To reduce, recycle and/or reuse waste resources where possible and the disposal of waste in line with Best Practice to protect the environment,
  • To use water effectively, minimise runoff and protect water quality,
  • To use energy sources efficiently,

Integrity: openness, honesty, fairness and respect for people in all that we do.

Our people: providing a safe environment where employees work co-operatively as a team to achieve mutual job success. We value self-motivation to develop and learn new skills.

Our customers: to supply a product that meets the needs of our customers through providing a healthier fuller flavoured nutritional product.

Ecoganic Protocol of Environment Management System is a key element in the continual development of our business; this must work hand in hand with the viability of the business.


We are constantly striving to improve our EMS and Eco Protocol, which is based on ongoing extensive research, knowledge and application of improvements.

Our EMS is designed to comply with all current legislation and strives to comply with future industry needs as we work together towards continual planning and awareness of environmental legislative changes.

The EMS is based on AS/NZS ISO 14001, 2004 this documentation provides a framework for the system where we plan, implement, check and review our objectives and targets. We also conduct internal and external audits, to maintain certification and Eco protocol endorsements.

Our staff are encouraged to embrace the EMS program through training, (formal and informal) with emphasis placed on the Environmental Plan, Eco Protocol and associated Environmental Management issues.

The policy statement in Management policies 1.2 Pacific Coast Produce Policy Statement is displayed in the workplace and is available to customers and the public upon request.

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