Testimonials | Ecoganic farming - Red Tip Banana, Avocado, Papaya.



I just wanted to tell you how much I love what you are doing, and how delicious your bananas are! I tell all my friends that they should be buying them, and why…( they may be getting a bit sick of me telling them how important their food choices are for the future of the planet!)

Your speech at the Biological Farming conference was inspirational, (in fact the whole weekend was wonderfully inspiring for me) and I just wanted to say that I’m a big fan, and am spreading the word wherever I can. Thanks for doing what you are doing.

I truly believe that consumer attitudes are changing,and you have all my very best wishes for your continued success!

Trina Parkes, 2016

“Hello everyone…!
I bought a bunch of your special bananas yesterday @ Coles Toowoomba  # AC405101 -absolutely delicious….!!


No more thick gluggy starchy tasteless fruit for my family. I usually buy organic ..either @ Woolies or Coles…but these were intensely tasty ! I suppose any small improvement would be a huge difference…I’ve never eaten 2 bananas at once…they were small but I ate them both.

Toowoomba  Qld    24/9/14

“Hi there, I wanted to let you know how amazed we were by your bananas.

We normally buy ladyfinger bananas, but our fruit shop was out and we needed small bananas for our breakfast smoothies, so we got the red-tip kind instead. I knew they were some kind of organic banana, but what we weren’t prepared for was the almost unbelievable difference in flavour from a ‘normal’ banana!

We have until now only had a banana in our smoothies at breakfast; we gave up eating bananas by themselves years ago because they just aren’t that tasty on their own. But we were blown away by how ‘banany’ our smoothies were today, and then tried one by itself – it is difficult to believe how much more flavour your bananas have!

At any rate, we’re now converts. I’m never going to eat any other kind of banana again. I had forgotten that a banana could taste so good. Thank you!”

Gina Holder, Canberra 21/10/12

“Just a short note to say that the Eco bananas are the only bananas I enjoy eating. Thanks for your efforts”.

Jenny Currie

“Hello from Adelaide. I’ve been doing a ring around in my local area trying to find some Eco Bananas with no luck. Do you have a distributor in Adelaide, and if so can you direct me off to them please, your bananas are the only type my 3 kids will eat, and I’ve given up buying any other brands, they are just too expensive to waste!! If you have any other suggestions on how I can obtain your produce please let me know”.

Kerrin McLean

“Hi, I just wanted to email you and let you know that your bananas are fantastic! I have been so impressed from the presentation to the price to the flavour and quality and even to the great website as well!

As a mum, an author of a health promoting book, horticulturalist and advocate of healthy lifestyles; I have become one of your biggest fans!

Congratulations on such a great product”.

Regards, Rebecca Mugridge

“Hello, my partner and I think your bananas are fanastic. We had not been buying bananas for many years because they no longer had a flavour to them, but your bananas are just great. Keep up the good work. Keep on keeping green”.


“Hi, I work in a fruit shop and your product is very popular (especially when the price matches “normal” bananas.)

Your product has made so many of my customers happy, especially those “allergic” to the normal ones. A question I get asked a lot is “are these ORGANIC bananas?” or “what’s the difference between ECO and ORGANIC bananas?”

Many Thanks, Vince Taranto

“Hi, I just wanted to email you and let you know that your bananas are fantastic!
I have been so impressed from the presentation to the price to the flavour and quality and even to the great website as well!
As a mum, an author of a health promoting book, horticulturalist and advocate of healthy lifestyles; I have become one of your biggest fans!
Congratulations on such a great product.

Rebecca Mugridge

Over the weekend we went to Flemington Markets and we’re lucky enough to get a few boxes of your green tipped bananas.

They are delicious and very different from the normal bananas we have eaten!

Much gratitude for the bananas and for your time!

Jodie Tigers, 2016

“We have been happy consumers of your bananas for some time now. When other customers ask me why I am paying more for those funny bananas with red coats I am more than happy to elaborate.

Thank you so much for caring enough to farm in an ethical manner.

I have just listened to your story on radio national and felt inspired to send this, just to say thank you.”

Ford’s, ACT, June 2003


“Pacific Coast Eco Bananas are innovators! They lead the industry in their thinking and very much ‘practice what they preach’ in terms of ecoganic management systems on farm.”

Kerry Walsh
Professor in Plant Sciences,
Central Queensland University

“Hello i just wanted to give you guys a comment on your bananas. We bought 2 kilos of your bananas for the first time.

..Amazing the whole family couldn’t believe the taste and great flavour of your bananas. The most delicious we have ever eaten and we will only be buying your brand from now on..

Thankyou keep up the wonderful work..”

Ashbourne’s, NSW, May 2012.

“Dear Dianne & Frank
Thank you for your enthusiasm and enormous effort prior and during our visit.

It is an incredible treat to study your business and then be able to come and visit. Your connections, resources and suggestions are valued for teachers and students alike.

Thanks again for hosting us”.

Sidsel Farrimond & Yr 12
Ascham School May 2012!

Reef Guardian Farmers – working together today for a healthier Reef tomorrow

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is working with Frank and Dianne Sciacca to identify sustainable land management practices that will help build the Reef Guardian Stewardship Recognition Program. The Sciacca’s are highly respected farmers whose activities are already deemed as achieving targets for improved water quality, energy efficiency, and other ecosystems services.  Through working with industry and growers like the Sciacca’s, the GBRMPA aims to influence the voluntary uptake of recognised best practices that will help improve both the economic and environmental sustainability of farmers and in the long-run, the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.

Kate Steel

Project Manager

Reef Guardian Farmers

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority


“My friend and I have been a loyal customer of your Fresh Red Tip Bananas first discovered in Woolworths and Thomas Dux here in Crows Nest approx 6 years ago.

Your marketing and advertising is unique and it’s what attracted us from the begginning and of course the bright red wax tip we spotted it a mile away! The georgeous green white lipped tree frog (or is it yellow lipped?) made me select your bananas over ‘any other brand’ because we are vegetarians and have over 15 years experience in Vet Science and are dedicated Animal Rights Advocates, thus, we strongly support anybody who is caring for the environment and it’s beautiful creatures.

The frog is so adorable! We’ve missed your bananas sooooo much and refused to eat any other brand, so we’ve gone without for at least a year!”

Warm Regards,
Eve & Resh

“I am just writing to tell you that I love red tip bananas. I eat one every day with my breakfast. Sometimes people ask me “Why don’t you eat a ‘normal’ banana?” And I tell them “I am! The bananas you eat are full of chemicals and destroy the environment!”

What is more, non-red tip bananas are wooden and tasteless. I am not usually one to write to companies about their products”.

Daniel Vuillermin

“I origionally came from Japoonvale and went to high school in Innisfail. We moved down here in 1982.

I first saw your bananas in Coles some months ago, over that time I have asked different staff member what the significance of the “ECO” name was.
None of them had a clue and some made a guess. I was told that the red wax would ripen the fruit naturally, that they were close to organic buy you still used the chemicals and that they tasted better.

I felt that there had to be more to it than that and today I found your web site. I grew up on a cane farm and we also grew small crops. I now have health problems that are attributed to the various chemicals such as DDT, Dieldrin, 24D, Mercury etc.

We try to avoid chemicals in our food as much as we can and will now buy your product. I hope that your venture is sucessful and lead others to farm in the same way.

If you have further info or news I will be glad to have it”.

Richard Springall