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Great Barrier Reef Foundation Endorsement


The Issues…


Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation EndorsementWHAT WE KNOW:

  • 27% of the world’s reefs are effectively lost and 40% will be lost by 2010. The causes are poorly understood.
  • Loss of reefs means loss of biodiversity and loss of industries like fishing and tourism.
  • Loss of reef biodiversity means loss of potential to develop life-saving new drugs.
  • 500 million people worldwide use/depend on coral reefs.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is one of the last reefs in pristine condition.
  • Its rich biota makes it ideal for research that can be applied not only to it but to reefs worldwide to help their conservation and sustainability.

PACIFIC COAST ECO BANANA GROWING PROTOCOL – has set down very stringent parameters for its growers to comply with.

The protocol:

  • firstly uses the requirements of a certified ISO 14001 system as a prerequisite to the growing system and
  • secondly, demands nil use of insecticides, nematicides and miticides on the soil and a fertilizer program that demonstrates minimum impact on water quality that may affect the Great Barrier Reef.

Pacific Coast Eco Bananas has been proactive in addressing farming practices that have the potential to impact not only on the farm environment but equally important off farm environments such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Pacific Coast Eco Bananas is proud to have received endorsement by the Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation for accomplishing ISO14001 and Eco Growing Protocol certification.



Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation Endorsement

Media Release

For the Conservation, Preservation and Wise Use of the Worlds Coral Reefs

Foundation endorses eco-bananas

The Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation will endorse eco-bananas grown around Innisfail in a caused-related marketing agreement.

The environmental credentials of Pacific Coast Eco Bananas are guaranteed by international standards, which include regular auditing of the growing protocol.

The fruit is distinguished by a red-wax tip and is the brain child of farmers Frank and Dianne Sciacca who have won the support of six other local farming families since changing their operations five years ago.

Foundation Managing Director, David Windsor, hailed the new growing system.
” Sustainable agriculture is still in its infancy but it is the way of the future,” said Mr Windsor. “This is exactly the type of sustainable coastal primary industry the Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation is keen to encourage.”

” The Sciaccas are leading the way in showing that traditional industry can continue on the coast, in conjunction with a healthy Great Barrier Reef.”

Under the agreement, a percentage of sales are passed to the Foundation to support its activities toward the conservation, preservation and wise use of the world’s reefs.

It provided vital marketing benefits for Pacific Coast Eco Bananas said Mr Windsor.

” The group growing the environmentally friendly bananas have to distinguish their product in the market,” he said. “They have done that visually by adding a red, blue or green wax tip.

” The endorsement of the Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation is the environmental seal of approval. It is the sort of credibility, which is crucial in the early stages of marketing.

” The success of Pacific Coast Eco Bananas is the Foundation’s success and means we can put more funds back into research to ensure a sustainable future for the world’s reefs.”

Contact: Foundation Managing Director David Windsor, 07 3211 8890. Frank and Dianne Sciacca 07 4064 2452. Foundation media liaison Robert Dark on 0417 623 156.


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